My First Glamour Portrait

After having exposed thousands of glamour portraits both in a studio environment and on location, I thought back to the very first such image I took. Here is a (somewhat poor) scan of it, from 1972:

Louise Landolfo.

Louise Landolfo.

This image of my friend Louise Landolfo was taken with a Mamiya/Sekor 1000TL camera and a Vivitar flash mounted on the hot shoe. The camera was one of the first with a behind-the-lens meter, but it did not talk to the flash. What I had to do is figure out the exposure using the camera-to-subject distance and the guide number of the flash. There was a little chart on top of the flash for reference. Young photographers don't realize how easy technology makes photography these days.

I was fortunate to reconnect with Louise a few years ago. She is happily married. At the time I took this image, I was not in any way worthy of her. After all, she was head cheerleader at her high school. The highest level of "cool" I achieved at my high school was paper monitor of the science club.

Nonetheless, I was now hooked on glamour photography.