The Great Smoky Mountains

I first met Bill Fortney and and Scott Kelby in May of 2007 at a landscape photography workshop in the Great Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee. This was an ill-fated event for a couple of reasons. First, after the plants and trees had leafed out, there had been a hard freeze. There was very little greenery to shoot, and the scenes had no life. Second, Scott received a call about his brother in Colorado who had developed what was believed to be a very serious medical condition. Being the great brother that he is, Scott left the workshop prematurely to attend to his brother. Everything turned out OK with Scott's brother, if you are wondering.

A couple things struck me about this workshop. Before he left, Scott introduced us to his Lightroom workflow. Adobe's Lightroom was in its infancy, and Scott explained to us that in 30 minutes you will be up and running. Well, never had I seen a more convoluted and complex workflow, with flags, stars, picks, comparisons, collections and a great many other things. It is nice to know that as Lightroom matured, Scott's workflow grew more simplified.

I did manage to get one image I really liked at dawn at Cades Cove. I lined up the rising sun with the trunk of a tree. In this instance, perhaps having no leaves on this tree worked in my favor. A larger version can be seen in my Landscapes gallery. I get the chills every time I look at this image. It was really cold that morning.

Dawn at Cades Cove.

Dawn at Cades Cove.

After Scott departed, Bill showed how easy it is to put together inspirational slide shows using iPhoto on the Mac. Indeed, it is easy, but it is a bit difficult to come up with photos as good as Bill's. Bill's photography can be seen on his website at