Comments on the Book "Creative 52"

Make no mistake, Lindsay Adler, the author of the book Creative 52 - Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio, is a brilliant young fashion photographer based in New York City. I have seen her on The Grid podcast, and I have seen her on KelbyOne training videos. She has accomplished much in her 28 years.

Lindsay's book assigns 52 (one for every week of the year) assignments to expand the reader's horizons, as well as the reader's portfolio. Each challenge (as she words it) is divided into three parts. First, the project is described, then inspirational links are listed to see what other artists have done, and lastly her solution to the challenge is given.

Creative 52 , by Lindsay Adler.

Creative 52, by Lindsay Adler.

This is a fun read, and you can skip around at will. Some of the projects are very worthwhile. The projects that I found uninteresting started me thinking about the genres of photography. Lindsay is a successful commercial fashion photographer. In contrast, I would call myself a glamour photographer. There is quite a difference. In fashion photography, the emphasis is on the art - not the model. Images are crafted to draw the viewer's attention and to sell something. In glamour photography, the emphasis is on the model, and making the model look fabulous.

It would be great if Lindsay were to write a second Creative 52 book with glamour photographers in mind. What say you, Lindsay?