How to Mix Glamour and Water - Part 4

My goal in assembling these images is to add an interesting sky - one that would be difficult or impossible to get on a location shoot. When adding the model, I want some of her to show through the water. I also would like a reflection of the model in the water.

The sky sets the mood for the entire image. Should it be dark and stormy, or bright and cheerful? Let's use one somewhere in the middle. Before opening this file in Photoshop, I set Lightroom's Clarity slider to 100% to add some definition to the clouds:

All the layers except the Extract layer should be deleted in the file, which will become version 2. Activate the Move tool (V) and Shift-drag the sky file over the Extract layer of the model. Make sure Snap is active (View -> Snap) and Shift-drag the sky layer up until it snaps to the top of the frame. Next we need to bring in the sides of the sky layer, because we are overlaying a horizontal layer over a vertical layer. Command-T to enter free transform, then Command-0 (zero) to see the handles, then Shift-drag each lower corner up and inwards. Snap will not work when adjusting the corners, so get close then pull in the sides in until they snap to the frame. Drag the sky layer under the Extract layer. I then moved the Extract layer down a little to better position the model in the frame. It should look like this - note that the white is really checkerboard in Photoshop:


The white cloud and her left are form an interesting arc. Now let us add some water. For this we use a plugin from Flaming Pear called Flood 2. Note that for this plugin to function properly, there should be no sky outside the frame. If there is, perform an Image -> Trim to get rid of it. In Flood 2, make sure the Offset slider is set to zero, and adjust the Horizon slider until the water touches the sky. The settings in Flood 2 were as follows:

  • Horizon - will vary
  • Offset - 0
  • Perspective - 24
  • Altitude - 72
  • Spin - 0
  • Style - Simple
  • Waviness - 17
  • Complexity - 38
  • Brilliance - 43
  • Blur - 65
  • Size - 19
  • Height - 12
  • Undulation - 13
  • Glue - normal

In the next instalment, I will discuss some modifications that should be made to the background.