How to Mix Glamour and Water - Part 6

We still have only two layers: the top Extract layer with the mask to block out the seamless background, and the bottom background layer with the sky and water. For this technique to work, we need a layer of just Andrelica with no mask. Before doing that, it really helps to select the pixel part of the Extract layer and run a Layer -> Matting... -> Color Decontaminate at 100%. Once done, click on the pixel thumbnail to select it, but Command-click on the mask to get the marching ants, then get the selection on its own layer with a Command-J. The Extract layer with the mask can now be deleted - remember, we have it saved in version 1. I name this layer according to the name of the model, in this case Andrelica. She actually has a bit more hair after running Color Decontaminate:

The following two tips are optional. I seldom use them any longer, but they are worth knowing about.

First, if a person is outside, they will typically be lighter around their head, and darker towards the feet. To do this, add a Curves adjustment layer, clip it to the layer of the model (click on the clipping button at the bottom of the Curves Panel) and pull the midpoint of the curve down a little. This darkens all of her equally. Select the layer mask, and draw a linear, black to transparent gradient by Shift-dragging from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet:


Second, she can be colorized so she looks more like she belongs in the scene. Select the background layer, but Command-click on the pixel thumbnail of the model (Andrelica) layer to get the marching ants. Make a new layer via a Command-J. Run a Filter -> Blur -> Average. Drag this layer to the top of the layer stack and name it Light on Andrelica:


This is the color of the light bouncing around the scene, reflecting off the sky and water, and landing on the model. Set this layer's blend mode to Color, and reduce its opacity to around 20%:


The layer stack should look like this:

Screen Shot1.png

I am only going to use the bottom two layers in this demonstration. If using all four layers, select the top three layers and the choose Option -> Merge Layers from the Layer Panel's flyout menu. I would name the resulting layer Andrelica Adjusted.

In Part 7 I will put part of Andrelica underwater.