How to Mix Glamour and Water - Part 8

The next goal is to add a reflection of the model onto the water. Presently, the model consists of three layers: Curves to darken the underwater part, Underwater and the layer of the model herself. We need a layer which is a composite of these three layers. Select all three layers by clicking on the Curves layer then Shift-clicking on the model layer. Hit Option-Command-E. Name the resulting layer Reflection:

With the Reflection layer active, go back to the Flood 2 plugin, Filter -> Flaming Pear -> Flood 2. Leave all the sliders alone except Offset. Drag it to the right to set the highest point of the reflection. Our goal is to have it begin above to waterline so we can precisely cut it back in the next step. I brought it to the area of her left elbow, which is clearly above the waterline:


Next we want to mask out the part of the reflection that is above the waterline. This is easy to do. First, add a mask to the Reflection layer. With this mask selected, click on the thumbnail of the Underwater layer to get the marching ants around the part of her that is underwater. We can modify what is inside this selection, but we want to modify what is outside the selected area. Inverse the selection by hitting Shift-Command-I. Take a black Brush and paint away the part of the reflection above the waterline. The part of the reflection below the waterline is protected by being outside the selection. Deselect by hitting Command-D. The result should look something like this:

The reflection should fade further away from the model. With the mask of the Reflection layer still selected and black as the foreground color, hit G to select the linear Gradient tool and draw a black to transparent gradient by Shift-dragging from the bottom of the reflection to the top of the waterline:


The reflection is too bright; I would like to see some of her legs under the water. Do this by reducing the opacity of the Refection layer itself. I took the opacity down to 30% to achieve this:


That completes this project. Part 9 of this series will cover some optional finishing touches.